We work with New Zealand businesses to help improve the quality of life for the team within.

We Create

Initially a 12 week schedule can be established to set up programmes for your team so they can start to make healthy changes to their lives.

This programme will vary in cost due to numbers involved and number of components required.

Once we've assessed your workplace we can then put together a proposal based on the individual and collective needs of the business.

We Execute

These collective needs will help us focus our efforts from an education perspective. Identifying trends from the assessments will direct the theme of the group sessions if that is part of the programme chosen.

Job satisfaction is a key component of a productive team. Those who feel listened to feel part of a bigger whole and improved productivity can be a bi-product of these types of programmes.

For example; if 70% of respondents have back issues then we will design educational group sessions around this topic to ensure maximum value for those involved.

Furthermore for those individuals with back complaints we will create a programme that will address these back issues, with an aim to alleviate or eliminate those symptoms.

These programmes can be updated as often as required but will have an impact on the proposal at the outset.

We Report

At the end of the 12 weeks Business Health will request feedback from those involved to gain insight into how successful they

found the programme and how much improvement they have found in both health, fitness and other indicators so this can be fed back to the stakeholders of the programme as a means of measuring return on investment.

In addition to this we recommend looking at data from within the business so that a complete picture of the full impact the programme has had on the organization can be seen.

We can also assist in this process if required.